The meaning of establishment

 To improve services provided to residents which affect welfare, medical care, education, and safety are the reasons of presence of the local government, and to increase funds the growth and strengthening of the local area is necessary. However, currently the metropolitan government system is structured in a way the metropolitan area cannot perform its potentiality in an ideal way. We in anticipation of the ‘Establishment of the fundamental law of the local government (temporary name)’ have in prior form that ‘The regional council will support the growth of the metropolitan areas, municipality will distribute the fruit to the residents’ . In order to realize a new regional management model today in the Osaka Prefectural Assembly a new party ‘The Osaka Innovation Party’ has been established.

 For the time being our objectives are the following;
(1) The clarification of responsibility and role-sharing between the Regional Council and municipality.
(2) Restructuring the Osaka area.
(3) Constructing a new authority (Mainly to unite the Osaka prefecture and ‘Greater Osaka’ (Osaka City and some cities surrounding)
(4) To create a Metropolis system which shall be more than the current city and ward system.
(5) To formulate a growth strategy.
(6) Separation of decisions and enforcements to strengthen the authority.

 In order for us to represent the residences intentions and to develop a decentralized administration system, it is necessary to disassemble the former centralized paradigm. Whether it is the administration or the political party, there are some regions which have no choice but to say yes to the centralized paradigms and also meaning that they are falling into a brain freeze. It is not the only and best way but in order for us to develop our region and to renovate a system sometimes we need to jump a little further.